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Kochi Muziris Biennale

Students Biennale | Fellowship 

Awarded a 'Fellowship' by Kochi Muziriz Biennale to work on the 2016 Students Biennale.

The Fellowship involved 12 young curators, we had workshop, discussion and seminars on curation and art pedagogy.

This was intertwined with us visiting state run art schools and working with the students and conducting workshops. The 16 months culminated into the students Biennale that took place in fort kochi in 7 different venues.

Workshop 1:

Stories of the people by the people.

Organised a collaborative public performance workshop based on re-contextualising old monuments to present day monuments through performance. Twelve students from College of Fine Arts Trissur and RRV College of Fine Arts Mavalikera participated in this workshop led by Bangalore based movement artist Avril Stormy Unger and writer, researcher Josephine Simone.

Workshop 2:

Antique vs Me
An intervention created through a workshop at an Antique store. The store had some authentic antique. At the same time many objects were being produced in the backyard to have antique aesthetics. The qestion revolving around the workshop was how 

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