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Large scale installations

'A world of bottles'

What is our perception of potable water today? Privatised water coming from multinational companies in sealed in disposable plastic bottles.


The installation is made from 6000 used plastic bottles. A large sphere of bottles that you can walk into and experience the world of bottles.


In collaboration with Vineesh Amin and Naveen Kumar

Luma light festival

Location: Bangalore,  India.


Pahadi Skyscraper

The materials used are very contrasting, from very organic bamboo baskets, to industrially produced plastic wrappers. And the ladder lies in-between all this, reaching towards the sky.

Residency: Shop Art/ Art Shop

Location: Gunehar,  Himachal Pradesh.


Bottled Kalamari

This was an instillation for a 3 day music festival(Sunburn) at Goa. We made a giant squid. It was made of a basic metal framework then wrapped around with a mesh. Then as the festival progressed we collected the waste plastic bottles and stuck them in and sprayed with reflective colors. This was also an interactive sculpture as anybody could stick their empty bottles and help complete the sculpture.The sculpture grew as the festival progressed

Sunburn Festival, Goa.

Collaborator: Nachiappan Ramanathan and Shanthi Ganesha


Maraa mele Mane

Tree house built out of wood and upcycled materials.

Client: Bela Shah Patil, Bangalore.

Collaborator: Nachiappan Ramanathan


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