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Residency | Gallery | Co-working Space

The space was initiated in 2015 as few artists felt the need for an alternative to galleries. The project space was an outcome of our need to focus creations to a (un)-desired directions.

  We create immersive atmospheres, unique experiences and critical discourse. The focus is on a targeted processes engaged with an artist(s) that would in some way result in an experience. We decided to pursue an experimental approach, that we feel will enrich our immediate communities.

  The space also allows for challenging what we take for granted in terms of art or otherwise, encouraging a space for critical discourse. 
  The project space is run by artists for artists. The space provides opportunity for artists to experiment and explore the possibilities of contemporary artistic production.
  We are keen on making art a part of everyday lives.. not an act, entertainment or something unreachable. We like to simply look at the reality of now.

'SunMoon SunMoon SunMoon'
By Ria Rajan and Sofy Yuditskaya  | Guest appearance by Tobias Daemgen
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